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From: All of Us At RavenHearse

"Curiosity is the Bait which manipulates one to enter the Shadows when common sense warns us to stay away."
— with Greivsley RavenHearse,
Draven the Raven, and Mama Lou

"We're missing vittles with Mama Lou something fierce." 
-- Silas RavenHearse

Archive 202206

From: Greivesly RavenHearse

Our dear friends and patrons, I thank you all for your condolences.  We are taking our time to help our family grieve the loss of Rocky, and our focus is to ensure Alias remains safe from harm. 

 RavenHearse Classic Haunt and events will remain closed until further notice.  In the meantime, our staff will continue to provide content for our Facebook page and website.  We appreciate your understanding.

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