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Archive 202108

Let's Start the Haunt Season
in Atchison Kansas
with a Scream

September 24th - 26th 2021

Friday Sept. 24th
--- Shocktail parties ---
at three
historic haunt locations
Mcinteer villa
RavenHearse manor
Sallie Houise

--- Haunted Trolley Tours ---

--- Overnight tours ---
at the infamous
Sallie House 
The Haunted
1889 McInteer villa

Saturday Sept 25th
--- Curiosities & oddities Expo ---

--- witches high tea ---
the ravens well

---RavenHearse Vampire ---
Masquerade Ball

--- Haunted Trolley Tours ---

--- Overnight  tours ---
at the infamous
Sallie House
The haunted
1889 mcInteer villa

Sunday Sept 26th

--- Haunted Trolley Tours ---

--- Overnight Tours ---
at the infamous
sallie house
the haunted
1889 mcinteer villa

and much more ....

Tickets on sale now
while available quantities last:

The RavenHearse Family
MasQuerade Ball

The RavenHrearse Family
Must postpone the vampire ball untill 2022.
All other 2021 events remain on schedule.

Date: Postponed until 2022
Due To unforeseen family circumstances

location: Atchison kansas 


From: RavenHearse Manor
August 22, 2021

We're basking in the light of the full moon tonight, out lurking with friends and minions!

Pleasant Dreams!

From: RavenHearse Manor

August 18, 2021

offers every shade of haunting storytelling from non-scary for children to lingering nightmares for those who dare accept the challenge. Community events are scheduled now. The all-new RavenHearse Classic Haunt is slated to open in 2022. We're digging new tunnels under an antique shop to make it happen.


The RavenHearse Family now resides in a mysterious Victorian manor in Atchison, Kansas, which is known as the most haunted city in the United States.

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