RavenHearse: An Interview With a

September and October 2022

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The RavenHearse Family invites you into their home
The RavenHearse Manor
aka Villa Rosa a Historic Victorian home built in 1884
For a Gruesomely Elegant Evening.
We start the event with a guided tour of the first floor of their Victorian home, sharing the history of the amazing manor.

After the tour, charcuterie and beverage will be served in the formal dining room. They will share the history, stories, and rumors of their unique, and somewhat terrifying family history, including stories of the
ghost they share the house with.

The evening will continue with a tour of the third floor of the house,
The Attic, which is used for storage
and dedicated space for the RavenHearse Family Haunted Artifact Museum.

What better way to end a fun-filled, spooky evening with a tour of the sub-level of the house, The Basement, instead of attempting to describe this portion
of the tour, we leave you with this:

" Curiosity is the bait that
manipulates one to enter the
shadows when common sense
warns us to stay away."

-Greivsley RavenHearse-
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