♪♫♬  Here - Comes -
Skeeter - Rotten - Tail

Stomping- Down -
The - Haunted- Trail  

We are excited to announce the arrival of our Unique Deranged friend 


Anyone who is Brave enough is invited to visit our haunt and
Take a Photo with Our Deranged Fuzzy Friend.

Limited Engagement

Date: To Be Announced
Time: To Be Announced

 Digital Photo Cost:

 $10.00 - Limit 4 People in Photo

 $5.00 Each Additional Person

Parents with furry kids

(dogs, cats, etc are welcome)

Limited photo opportunity due to
Our Haunt Tour schedule. 

Appointments Required:

Text or Call: 520-370-5472


Please Understand Skeeter Rotten Tail is a
Unique Character who may not appeal to everyone.

We are not offering photo opportunities during
Easter weekend in respect and importance of

Celebrating the meaning of the Easter holiday.